Visit and interact with Local Artist in Akureyri


Easy walk through Akureyri with stops at artists’ workshop.

Enjoy the exclusivity of visiting some of Akureyri local artists, visit their studios.Artist talk, inspiration source ideas development and work in progress. We walk through Akureyri centre, visit workshops and handcraft stores with north Icelandic designs and products of various types and materials. Our last stop is a small “retro” café where we relax over some local beverages.

Various local artists are guiding this tour and each of them is unique and has a different story to tell, different background, different education and by adding their personal touch to every tour, you will never know what to expect but always be prepared to be amazed. (2 1/2 hours)

Visiting, Art Studio and Gallery, Meeting a local Artist. Coffe/tea or hot chocolate at a retro Coffee House.

Departure from: Hof, Cultural Center at Strandgata 12. Akureyri.  
If you prefer a privat tour please contact us directly.

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