Local Food and City Walk

 Akureyri Food Walk is the perfect tour if you want good food and some local access to Akureyri City. We are a small team of proud food lovers from Akureyri who are passionate about showing travellers the very best of what our beautiful hometown has to offer. We want fun, hungry and adventurous travellers to see Akureyri through our eyes and to experience the best of the Icelandic cuisine at our favourite local restaurants in Akureyri.

If you are a fun, hungry or an adventurous traveller (or maybe all three!) you have found the perfect way to explore the capital of the North!

Tour description

In our delicious walking tour we will explore Akureyri through food and people. For approx. 3 hours we stroll around town, get to know the town’s spirit & history as we hop between 4-5 unique restaurants – And devour on their most delicious signature cuisines. All of this with a fun & knowledgeable local foodie guide by your side. During our culinary adventure we will visit everything from small family run businesses to must visit restaurants in Akureyri. The focus is on having a big variety of unique cuisines so that you will get to know the best of Icelandic food first hand along with some specialties that you will only find in Akureyri.

All about food!

In our Akureyri Food walk you will have the chance to try the absolute best of Icelandic food and interesting specialties that you will only find in the capital of the north. You will get to know the Icelandic signature cuisine: the free roaming lamb, freshly caught seafood from the local fishermen and traditional desert. You will also devour on interesting specialties of Akureyri such as a unique pizza & a traditional bread. Last but not least, a food tour of Iceland is not complete without a try for the shark and Brennivín snaps.

… And of course the tour will include other delicious cuisines that might be unlike anything that you have had before.

If you like unique experiences, amazing food and to get to know a new destination with a local you should definitely join our delicious Akureyri Food Walk! Just make sure that you will show up hungry!

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